Projects : Cargo Transporter throughout Afghanistan


Projects : Cargo Transporter throughout Afghanistan. We believe that every client is important.

We believe that every client is important

  Some of the contracts we’ve successfully  completed on behalf of US Contractors include:

Icon Trading Company was founded in 2011 and is a privately owned company in Pakistan with its offices located in Afghanistan too. Experienced and highly qualified employees is our core competence, who dedicate their time in delivering the best services to our clients throughout the world in a variety of fields, ranging from logistics and freight forwarding, trading of supplies, construction of commercial projects as well as providing consultancy services. With the responsibility of your work, we guarantee to give you more than satisfactory services with a dedicated project management team to advise, coordinate and execute your project from inception to completion.

We specialize in inbound cargo from worldwide to Afghanistan and vice-versa, and our base in Afghanistan helps us execute projects better than anyone else in the industry.  We also provide services in terms of export needs and air freight shipments. Icon Trading also offers secure storage facilities at all major points in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our warehouses are amongst the safest places to deposit your goods backed by round-the-clock security guards.

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  • W912B4 – 05 – D – 002 – DO0013
  • W91B4N – 07 – C – 0075
  • W91B4K – 08 – D – 0001
  • W91B4N – 08 – C – 0026
  • W917PM – 09 – C – 0005
  • W917PM – 09 – C – 0040
  • W91B4K – 09 – C – 4041
  • W912B4 – 10 – C – 0020

The cargo is transported throughout Afghanistan & most frequently handled to the following destinations:

Jalalabad, Kabul, Bagram, Medyan Wardak, Herat, Heratan, Kandahar, Farah, Maizar-e-Sharif, Day Kundi, Ghazni, Gardez, Kunduz, Fayzabad, Helmand, Andkhvoy, Bulkh etc.

Apart from the above cities we have also handled cargo to the following camps namely:

Camp Bastion, Camp Leatherneck, FOB Delaram, Kandahar Airfield, Camp Sharana, Jalalabad Airfield, Camp Salerno, Camp Bulldog, Camp Bagram, Faizabad Airfield, Shindand Airbase, Chagcharan Airfield.

Projects : Cargo Transporter

During the last 6 years we have handled the cargo of several prestigious clients such as Supreme Foods, ISAF – NATO NAMSA, German MoD, US Army, USACE, BABA LOGISTICS, IM JENSEN, Aggreko, IAP Worldwide, Technologists INC, R.A International, Copenhagen Contractors, Katija Printing Press & many others.


Customer loyalty speaks for our quality. We believe in on-time delivery for any type of cargo and we believe that every client is important. When it comes to logistics and freight forwarding.

ICON COMPANY will not let you down.